Tour Itinerary for Cairo

Flag of Egypt
This website tells my family's first hand experiences in Egypt.

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Our Itinerary in Cairo, Egypt

Things to see while in Cairo

It's a bit obvious to say there are so many things to see in Cairo but it's true and unfortunately we only had two days to explore it - one at the beginning of the holiday and then on the last day before flying home - so we kept it to the attraction of Cairo that we really wanted to see.

The Pyramids of Giza

The Sphinx

The Museum of Antiquities

The Sakkara Necropolis

The Stepped Pyramid

Citadel Mosque

The Khan El Khalili bazaar

Making Papyrus

As part of our tour of Cairo, our driver also took us to a fantastic papyrus factory/shop which was not at all pushy. The friendly manager explained to the chlidren how papyrus was made, showing them the real papyrus plants, the way they are cut, soaked and matted into the final papyrus material. He also explained the difference between real papyrus and cheaper banana leaf material.

Carpet Making School

On thefinal of our trip around Egypt we also visited a carpet making school. We were greeted by two sweet children who were very happy and friendly, encouraging our children to sit with them and have a go at making a rug with them. This was a fascinating experience although a little uncomfortable because of course the school was attached to a factory that made most of the carpets and you couldn't help wondering how much of there was a blending of school and factory for these children. However, they did seem very happy and the teaching area we saw was a nice learning environment.