First Class from Cairo to Luxor, the overnight sleeper train

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Taking the Sleeper train to Luxor

After a fabulous day in the desert we headed back to Cairo to catch the train to train to Luxor. We had booked a sleeper beds in the first class carriage but the children were still a little nervous.

Waiting at Giza Station, Cairo

We travelled back from Bahariya Oasis but still had 4 hours before the train was due to leave at 9pm. We were tired and sweaty - we were wishing we'd booked someone to stop off and change. We decided to head back to Les Meridans Hotel in Gaza where we'd already stayed twice (and were due to return on our last day) and as a long shot asked them if we were able to shower. We were very grateful that they let us use their Gym showers to get clean.

Select Egypt picked us up again at 8pm and drove us to Giza Station. With our luggage unloaded we walked with our guide onto the dark but extremely busy station platform. It was a little unnerving with so many people and we were glad that our guide stayed with us in the cafe until the train arrive - 45 minutes late! With his help we identified our carriage as it arrive and boarded the train.

First Class Sleeper to Luxor, Egypt

The train was reasonable smart and the cabins comfy. We'd booked 5 beds but we settled into two interconnected cabins. Food was served in the cabins which was a little disappointing - we'd hoped for a restaurant car (there may have been but we didn't see it and decided to not investigate the train too thoroughly!). The food was ok, nothing special and there was no real choice - it was basically airline food.

After we'd eaten the crew came and lowered the beds and we got ready to sleep. As the train was not finishing in Luxor but going on to Aswan I was paranoid that we might oversleep so set the alarm for 6am. The beds we comfortable (as good as you could expect on a train) but sleep was difficult to come by. I spent a little time watching the dark countryside go by and snatch sleep where possible. When the alarm went off at 6am I was still bleary-eyed but got ready and raised the family. Unfortunately the train was running late and didn't arrive at Luxor until 8.30 - we could have had more time in bed!

Arriving in Luxor

We pulled in at Luxor station. We were tired but our guide from Select Egypt was there to meet us and they had our bags transferred to the bus and we set out to explore Luxor.