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Our Flights to Egypt

Booking our flights to Cairo, Egypt

There are lots of options for Cheap Flights to Egypt on offer. You can fly to Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh in Sinai. And depending on where you fly to in Egypt will determine which airlines fly there. We considered various different options but ultimately we decided that we wanted to fly into and out of Cairo and this did limit the options to British Airways or Eygptair. There was little to chose between them. British Airways was slightly cheaper while Egyptair flights to Cairo had more convenient times.

In the end we chose British Airways. The cost of the flights for all 5 of us was £1,500 (£300 each). Not the cheapest flights to Egypt but most of the cheaper airlines that fly to Egypt fly out of Stanstead and/or don't fly into Cairo.

Flight Times to Cairo, Egypt

Our flight times with British Airways were no the greatest. They only fly once daily between London Heathrow and Cairo, arriving in Cairo at about 30 minutes past midnight! The flight time to Cairo is about 4 and a half hours.

Coming back we thought we'd got better times as British Airways fly out of Cairo at 8.30am but unfortunately as it was Ramadan while we were in Egypt there was a special time change with all the clocks going forward 1 hours which brought our flight forward to 07:30am.

British Airways service to Cairo

We were very please with the service we got with British Airways both to and from Cairo. I am lucky enough to be a Silver Card holder and they gave us priority boarding and luggage on the way out and then, much to the children's delight, an upgrade to Club Class on the way back.

Arriving at Cairo Airport

Like many airports we've experienced on our travels arriving in Cairo's International Airport terminal was chaotic and slow. You need a travel visa to enter Egypt (unless you're only going to Sharm El Sheik and will be staying within Sinai when I believe you don't need anything). These visa can be purchased at the airport. The airline gives out the forms on the flight and when you get to Cairo, slightly unusually you buy your visa from a money changer just before security. The visa's can be paid for in several different currencies - Egyptian Pounds, US Dollar and Sterling are all fine. We paid £10 (GBP) each for ours.

Still that part of the process was easy compared to waiting to be processed through the Eygptian security. There were several long queues waiting to go through security and these queues were not particularly disciplined. There was quite a bit of pushing and shoving and a lot of queue jumping. We saw the representative from Select Egypt immediately but it must have taken almost an hour before we were able to get through Egyptian security to join him!

Egyptair - Cheap flights in Egypt

While we didn't fly with Egyptair to Cairo we did get to experience their service on our one internal flight (from Hurghada Airport back to Cairo). The service was excellent (although Hurghada domestic terminal is very small with just a small cafe serving cold food and drinks). The flight's were very cheap - only about £50 for all five of us! However we were flying at 6.30am! This was a big mistake as we realised a couple of days before it would mean leaving our resort hotel at about 4am. Again Select Egypt were great and managed to change our flights at short notice but we did have to pay for business class tickets. Even so, this only cost 275 Euro. We should have dicided to do this first!!