Why we chose a family holiday in Egypt

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This website tells my family's first hand experiences in Egypt.

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Why Chose Egypt for a Family Holiday?

About our holiday to Egypt?

We love unusual holidays and when we decided to visit Egypt for our family holiday we knew it would be an adventure. We've recently visited Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malaysia and Singapore and even though our chidren are still young, our family holidays normally include a good sprinkling of sightseeing, adventure, animals, touring as well as relaxing (usually at the end to recover). Our family holiday to Egypt was no different, they may not be the cheapest holidays we wanted to explore Egypt.

Why Choose Egypt for our family holiday?

Egypt is a well known travel destination but many people only go for the sun and miss out on the sightseeing. For us however, the draw of some of the famous attractions and the history of Egytian Culture was important.

The children have all learned, are learning or will learn about ancient Egypt, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and the Mummies all created excitement among the kids when we suggested Egypt. However, Egypt has much more than this.

When I researched the activities available in Egypt I found other exciting experiences such as Climbing Mount Sinai, Visiting the Burning Bush, Camping in the Desert and Camel Riding. Added to this, the choice of resort hotels to relax in at the end of the holiday, right on the Red Sea with the possibility of Diving was just all too tempting.

Concerns about travelling in Egypt with the Kids for our family holiday

There were of course a number of issues with Egypt. We're always keen to respect local cultures and Egypt being a Muslim country meant that we'd need to be aware of the way we dressed, especially my wife and daughter. We would also be visiting during Ramadan and we were not too sure what difference this would make to our experience.

Finally my wife was very concerned about the food and the possibility of getting sick. The travel guides said "you can't expect to go to Egypt without at least a little stomach upset" but my wife was concerned as she'd heard stories of more serious illnesses.

Travelling with a local tour operator in Egypt

To help reduce these risks/concerns we spent time researching local tour operators who could help reassure us as well as provide us with a bespoke experience (so that we could have exactly the holiday in Egypt we wanted). We found such an operator - Select Egypt. They provided us with a great itinerary and together with many hours reading reviews on Trip Advisor we reassured ourselves about the risks although my wife continued to have concerns. Nevertheless we decided that Egypt had everything we wanted from a family holiday.

About this Egypt Holiday Website

This website is not a guide book - there are lots of good guides around and I can't pretend to be an expert on Egypt. However many people travelling often would like to here about real experiences rather than marketing messages. That's why we right down our family holiday experiences for others to see. Everything in this site is a true reflection of our holiday but are our opinions of what was good and bad. I've reported what we learned about Egypt in the meantime but remember I'm no expert, its just what I learned along the way!

What did the Children think?

We're a family of five and when we visited Egypt our children were aged 14, 11 and 8. You can find out what they thought of the holiday by looking at their pages; Kate, Callum and Tom.