Our Holiday Itinerary in Luxor

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Our Luxor Itinerary

Unfortuately we didn't have long to spend in Luxor and we had to make difficult choices about how to spend our time. Even so we packed quite a lot into the two days we were there. Our Itinerary was pretty gruelling and the weather was 45 degree celsius. We made the most of the days by taking the overnight sleeper train from Cairio and then heading straight into the sights of Luxor when we arrived.

Our Luxor itinerary included

Day 1 - the East Bank of Luxor

  1. Karnak Temple
  2. Luxor Temple
  3. A trip on a felucca on the river Nile

Day 2 - the West Bank of Luxor

  • Hatshepsut's Palace
  • Valley of the Kings and Tutankhamen's Tomb
  • Valley of the Queens
  • A visit to a local stone carving shop

During our two days we stayed one night at the Iberotel in Luxor and all our travel was prearranged with Select Egypt. I have nothing but praise for Select Egypt but there was some confusion as we talked through the itinerary for the next day and what was already included in the price. Initially it seemed everything was extra but luckily I had brought all the correspondence which was very clear what was included. The was no ill feeling and once the rep had read the correspondence and talked to his office it was all cleared up. There was one item not included - we had already paid to get into the Temple of the Kings but the entrance to Tutankhamen's Tomb was extra. Tip for anyone else going - remember that lots of the Egyptian tourist sites have entrance fees for the area and then a further cost for the most important sites within them!

The Iberotel Hotel in Luxor

We only stayed one night at the Iberotel Hotel in Luxor so we have only limited experience of it. The Hotel has a large, cool reception area with an open atrium showing the upper floors. We were greated warmly by the Luxor representative of Select Egypt.

The Swimming Pool and river facing view of the Iberotel Hotel in LuxorThe hotel has a lovely swimming pool which is actually on a floating island, connected to the land by a sturdy bridge. There is a great view of the Nile (you're actually on it!) but little shade.

There are several restaurants - the main restaurant which is largely buffet style (breakfast, lunch and dinner), a chinese restaurant (which was unfortunately closed when we were there) and an italian pasta/pizza restaurant. There is also a bar and a terrace where you can drink while watching the Nile traffic go by.

The rooms were comfortable and we had no complaint. There were however no currency changing facilities which was annoying. The hotel staff directed us to an Egyptian bank just round the corner. All in all, a very pleasant stay!